Voices of Dissent: Activism & American Democracy

This award-winning 42-minute video documentary focuses on some of the brave citizens who are defending our American heritage of First Amendment rights and civil liberties against government attempts to repress democracy and our freedom to dissent. It includes many of the surprising and creative ways Americans have found to express their views in dissent against the Bush administration's policy of war in Iraq.

A standoff between protesters and police at a San Francisco anti-war rally in March 2003 on the eve of the Iraq war.
A standoff between protesters and police at a San Francisco
anti-war rally in March 2003, on the eve of the Iraq invasion.

Using events, theatre, song, dance, comedy, satire, music, poetry, interviews with many well-known personalities and the wisdom of our founding fathers, VOICES reminds us of our roots and the importance of protecting authentic democracy. It challenges anyone who would limit the freedoms and civil liberties granted in the Constitution and Bill of Rights as fundamentally un-American, even if they are our own leaders. It inspires viewers to speak out, vote and actively protect our heritage of democracy, before we lose it.

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This 42 minute documentary is available for personal use in VHS and DVD for only $19.95 + p/h.
Use it for house parties, community events, and to educate family, friends, neighbors and colleagues about issues of great importance to every American citizen.

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DVD or VHS for private or house party use (by individuals): $19.95 + $3.75 p/h.
DVD or VHS for educational use (schools/libraries/non-profit groups): $49.95 + $3.75 p/h.
DVD or VHS for commercial use (showings with admission charge): $99.95 + $3.75 p/h.

California residents (except non-profit groups): add 9.5% CA Sales Tax.
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INTERNATIONAL ORDERS – Postage/Handling to countries outside the USA, add:
DVD – $6.50
VHS video – $10.50

Questions? Call Karil Daniels, 415-821-0435 or email karil [at] karildaniels.com
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Filmmaker is available for personal appearances. Call to arrange details.


MARTIN SHEEN - actor and peace activist
AL FRANKEN - actor, comedian, talk show host and author of "Lies and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right"
WOODY HARRELSON - actor and peace activist
RON KOVIC - peace activist and author of "Born On the 4th of July"
BARBARA LEE - U.S. Congresswoman, 9th District, Oakland, California
ARIANNA HUFFINGTON - columnist, political commentator and author of "Fanatics & Fools: The Game Plan For Winning Back America"
LIZ FIGUEROA - California Senator
JIM HIGHTOWER - former Texas Agriculture Commissioner and author of "Thieves In High Places: They've Stolen Our Country and It's Time To Take It Back"
MEDEA BENJAMIN - co-creator of Code Pink/Women for Peace and Global Exchange
NORMAN SOLOMON - Executive Director, Institute for Public Accuracy. Co-author of "Target Iraq: What the News Media Didn't Tell You"
JOAN BLADES - co-founder of MoveOn.org
DANIEL ELLSBERG - author of "Secrets: A Memoir Of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers"
PAUL KRUGMAN - New York Times columnist and author of "The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century"
KEVIN PHILLIPS - author of "American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune and the Politics Of Deceit In the House of Bush"
KEVIN SHELLEY - California Secretary of State and voting rights activist
JOSEPH WILSON - Ambassador, husband of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame
WARREN LANGLEY - past president of the Pacific Stock Exchange and anti-war activist
HENRY NORR - technology writer fired by the San Francisco Chronicle for attending a peace rally
STARHAWK - author and peace activist
WILL DURST, BILL SANTIAGO, RENE HICKS - comedians and political satirists
MICHAEL FRANTI - of SPEARHEAD - musician and peace activist
DREW DELLINGER - spoken word artist
KATHRYN BLUME - actor and writer of The Accidental Activist, co-creator of the Lysistrata Project
SHARRON BOWER - actor and co-creator of the Lysistrata Project
SARA MOORE - actor, satirist, clown
SUSIE TOMPKINS-BUELL - founder of Esprit de Corp Clothing and voting activist
JIM BRONKE - former weapons engineer and peace activist
. . . and many more . . .


Concerned citizens working to protect authentic American freedom and democracy use VOICES OF DISSENT to educate their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers about the damage to our country that is being done by the Bush administration. VOICES is a great tool for stimulating discussion on the issues and motivating people to get energized, to get involved, to vote, and to urge others to register and vote.

The Grand Lake Theater marquee, showing VOICES OF DISSENT The Parkway Theater marquee, showing VOICES OF DISSENT

Partial List of FESTIVALS

- VERMONT INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Burlington, VT. The world's oldest human rights and environmental film festival and the premier documentary festival in the region.
VOICES OF DISSENT was featured in their Human Rights & Justice program.

- Official Selection, WESTWOOD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Los Angeles. Filmmaker present for Q&A.
- OAKLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, political division. Featured on closing day, at the GRAND LAKE THEATER, Oakland, CA.
- STARVING ARTIST FILM FESTIVAL at UC Berkeley, CA. Q&A with filmmaker after the screening.
- SAN FRANCISCO WOMEN'S FILM FESTIVAL. Prize for Best Activist Film.
- BERNAL HEIGHTS SUMMER OUTDOOR CINE FESTIVAL. Included a Meet-the-Filmmakers Reception.


- GRAND LAKE THEATER, 3200 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA. Celebration, Special Event & Screening, with entertainment and presentations. Co-hosted by Oakland City Council Member Nancy Nadel, Oakland Film Commissioner Ami Zins, and Grand Lake Theater owner Allen Michaan. Gourmet reception, entertainment and screening of VOICES OF DISSENT. Q&A with filmmaker and special guests. In-person: Author/activist Starhawk, folksinger Gary Lapow, Nicole Savage, co-creator of the Make Love Not War Nude Protest, William Osterhoudt of the National Lawyer's Guild.
- PARKWAY SPEAKEASY THEATER, Oakland, CA. Theatrical premiere. Filmmaker and special surprise guests in person.
- Screening at DOLBY LABS, San Francisco, in association with Democracy Action. Filmmaker present for Q&A.
- Screening at The UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH of San Mateo. Filmmaker present for Q&A.
- Screening at NEW COLLEGE OF CALIFORNIA, San Francisco. Filmmaker present for Q&A.
- BAY AREA WOMEN IN FILM & TELEVISION, San Francisco - Media Activism event. Filmmaker present. Q&A.
- Bay Area Filmmakers Showcase at PREPUT, a conference for the international community of public broadcasters immediately preceding the international INPUT Conference in San Francisco.
- The ARTS FEST SPECTRA BALL, screened as part of the SACRED FILMS presentation, in San Francisco.
- Screening at the KACHEMAK COMMUNITY CENTER, Homer, Alaska.
- ARTISTS & MUSICIANS FOR WORLD PEACE performance, at STUDIO Z GALLERY, San Francisco - Department of Peace benefit.
- KTOP/CHANNEL 10, Oakland, CA. Special free screening for Oakland City Workers. Filmmaker present.
- PATHWAYS - ART INTO INDUSTRY/STUDIO Z GALLERY, San Francisco, CA. Films, live music, art reception. Filmmaker present. Q&A.
- ECHO Theater, Dallas, TX. Screened in a week-long run of the play " Dreaming America: In the Bunker with George."
- Benefit for MOVE ON at STUDIO B/ARTS & ACTIVISM, San Francisco. Live performance by BLAME SALLY all-female quartet plus VOICES screening. Q&A with filmmaker.

PLUS nationwide broadcasts on FREE SPEECH TV (seen on satellite DISH network and many cable systems), various PBS stations across the country and countless local Community Access TV stations, which together have reached millions of viewers. Also countless additional community screenings and benefit events nationwide, in association with local organizations and citizen groups.


"VOICES OF DISSENT" is a wake-up call for anyone who wants to pay attention to what is happening in our country — and what we can do about it. An antidote to complacency and illusion, this film provides a jolt of realism and inspiration. The tradition of struggling for civil liberties and social justice is alive and well in VOICES OF DISSENT. The clear message is that eternal vigilance is essential if we're going to turn around the ominous trends of recent years. This is the kind of video you'll probably want to pass out to people you know, urging them to do the same — spreading the inspiration and encouraging each other to work more effectively to overcome the right-wing forces currently on the march in the United States."
— Norman Solomon, author & syndicated columnist

"I was never so moved by watching a film before. A priceless piece of work. I thought about it for a long time."
— John Blackburn (bought 5 copies to send to friends in swing states.)

"An excellent, very professional and effective piece. It moves swiftly and entertainingly and has an amazing cast of characters. Most effective for me are the powerful interspersed quotes of the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln."
— Terry Sanders, Academy Award-winning filmmaker

"I love it. It is a wonderful video. Compelling, accurate and not at all exaggerated. It gives us hope."
— Lila Garrett, Co-Producer & Host of CONNECT THE DOTS, KPFK Radio, L.A.

"There is a lot of great information that will inform a lot of people. I felt encouraged to do more."
— David Latimer, publisher of THE THRESHER

"Thanks again for inviting me to your screening . . . pretty fantastic experience . . . and what a fine film! Clear and compelling, cut with just enough humor to keep the message bearable. . . pure reality just hurts too much."
— Ellen Davis, audience member

[VOICES is recommended by MoveOn.org for showing at activist house parties. Some feedback:]
"Karil – I got the DVD on Friday night. We watched it Saturday – it was the perfect piece! I think it really helped to excite the group and we're planning on trying to show it at our neighborhood library. Thanks!"
— Marnie Bell-Ferguson, MoveOn event host, Atlanta, GA

"I have now added your film to my growing list of must sees, and I am thrilled that your documentary is available for purchase . . . Your film helped me to understand more clearly how our democracy is being threatened, but even more important, it helped me to understand the duty each one of us has to try to help preserve our democracy. I have three grand-daughters and I want them and their children to know that I did what I could to help preserve and protect our freedoms. Thanks for making such a powerful and effective documentary."
— DeeDee Brady, Festival attendee

"VOICES OF DISSENT was the strongest and most powerful film shown that night (at the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cine Festival), and should be must-watching for anyone concerned about the current political climate in America. Is the filmmaker making copies available for purchase? I would like to send a copy or two to friends afar so they can experience DISSENT for themselves. Strong, moving, direct to the point."
— jsbmswpi (by email)

"I just wanted to reach out to you and say THANK YOU! I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I walked away feeling motivated and encouraged. The film was done in a very mature, clear, positive way that I certainly hope will affect thousands more. Thanks again."
— Shira Futterman, concerned citizen

"Congratulations, Karil! You turned such a difficult task into a piece of art. The rhythm, pacing, syncing work so well with the reasoning. The energy of the film builds up and carries all the way to the finale."
— Song Cato, documentary filmmaker/Chinese translator

"I saw your film at the Parkway Theater and loved it. I just moved here (Oakland, CA) from Iowa, and I have to get a copy to send back to my dissenting Midwestern friends! Thanks, and congratulations on your great work!"
— Elaine Cooperstein, audience member

"An important film."
— Dan Drasin, award-winning filmmaker


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Pirate Radio 87.9 FM, San Francisco. Interview with Karil Daniels on DOC TALK If you missed the show you can check the archive at http://www.doctalktradio.com

Guest on the long running show NEXT STEP at Cable Media Center, Palo Alto, CA, with hosts Daniel Kotke and Daniela Hascara. Showed excerpts and discussed production.

Featured guest on MOVIE CLOSE-UP, for the full half hour show. This live interview show is hosted by Bonnie Steiger on Channel 29, who interviews filmmakers and discusses films of interest to San Franciscans.


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